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Gyanshala Annual Day – Jun 15, 2014

JVBNA Gyanshala Annual Day for Year 2013-­14 was celebrated on June 15th following the Annual Spiritual Family camp. Samanijis ­- Bhavit Pragyaji, Sanmati Pragyaji, Jayant Pragyaji and Sangh Pragyaji blessed the occasion with their presence and spiritual guidance. Kids presented their projects showcasing their knowledge of Jainism. They received their

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Annual Spiritual Camp – “Let us Learn to Live”

JVBNA Annual Spiritual Camp “Let us Learn to Live” was conducted from June 13th to 15th at Arsh Vidya, PA. Approximately 110 participants attended the camp. Samanijis – Bhavit Pragyaji, Sanmati Pragyaji, Jayant Pragyaji and Sangh Pragyaji conducted interactive sessions with interesting topics for adults and kids. The topics covered

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Akshay Tritiya – “Path of Ahimsa”- May 10, 2014

Akshay Tritiya, one of the most auspicious functions of Jainism, was celebrated with numerous cultural programs on May 10, 2014 by JVBNA at Six Mile Run Church. It was celebrated with a theme throughout the event: “Path of Ahimsa”. Along with the celebration, Samani Bhavit Pragyaji and Samani Sangh Pragyaji

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Samanijis’ Swagat Samaroh – Apr 5, 2014

We are very fortunate to welcome Samani Bhavit Pragya ji and Samani Sangh Pragya ji to the JVBNA center. An intimate and casual Swagat Samaroh for Samanijis was organized on Saturday, April 5, and was hosted by Sampath ji and Dolores ji Jain in their home. The program started with

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Holi Milan – Mar 22, 2014

Holi Milan was a festive occasion celebrated among many JVBNA families on March 22nd at Six Mile Run Church, Franklin Park. The program was started with the blessings of Samaniji Sanmati Pragyaji and Samaniji Jayant Pragyaji with the chanting of Namokar Mantra.The program was entertaining with the help of Gyanshala

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New Year, AGM, EC Oath – Jan 1, 2014

JVBNA celebrated its New Year program on Jan 1, with blessings from Samani Sanmati Pragyaji and Samani Jayant Pragyaji. The program began with Navkar Mantra. A new prayer book was launched, which was distributed among the attendees. This prayer book will be used in all future JVBNA functions. Gyanshala children

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