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Archive for October, 2015

Conflict Resolution Workshop – Oct 31, 2015

A workshop on Conflict Resolution and Anekantavada was organized on Oct 31 under the guidance of Samanijis. The workshop started with manglacharan. Dr. Samani Rohini Pragyaji introduced the theme explaining conflict in terms of incompatibility of interests, opinions, lifestyles and many other things. These differences become problems when one is not skillful enough to

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1st Youth Forum – Oct 23, 2015

Along with the start of the new school year, JVBNA successfully kicked off its Youth Forum with the first meeting on October 23. This forum is designed for older middle school children and high school children to meet once a month and its main purpose is to spiritually engage us and mentally

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Santhara Workshop – Oct 18, 2015

On Oct 18, a workshop was organized on ‘Understanding Santhara’ under the guidance of Samani Satya Pragyaji and Samani Rohini Pragyaji at the Franklin Temple Gyanshala Rooms. Santhara is a subject that has brought all Jains together. However, this is also a subject that has generated numerous lively living room

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