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Awakening with Preksha Meditation Workshop – April 20th, 2024

JVBNA New Jersey witnessed a Preksha Meditation workshop conducted & guided by Samani Samatva Pragyaji & Samani Abhay Pragyaji on Saturday April 20, 2024.

“Transformative Preksha Meditation Workshop Draws Enthusiastic Participation”

In a harmonious blend of virtual and in-person engagement, the recent Preksha Meditation Workshop witnessed a remarkable turnout, with a total of 40 participants immersed in the profound practices of Kayotsarg and meditation insights. The event left attendees with a deep sense of relaxation and a heightened awareness of the body-soul connection.

Event Highlights:
Online Connectivity: The workshop drew 15 eager participants online, leveraging technology to extend the reach of the transformative experience.
In-Person Engagement: Over 25 individuals gathered in person, fostering a sense of community and shared exploration of inner peace.
Kayotsarg Practice: Attendees delved into the practice of Kayotsarg, experiencing a state of deep relaxation and tranquility through guided meditation techniques.
Importance of Meditation: A thought-provoking lecture on the significance of meditation provided attendees with valuable insights into its myriad benefits for mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Participant Experiences:
Several participants reported profound experiences, including sensations of deep relaxation and a profound sense of separation between body and soul. These personal reflections underscored the workshop’s effectiveness in facilitating profound inner transformations.

Next Steps:
As we reflect on the success of this workshop, we look forward to continuing our journey towards self-discovery and inner peace. Stay tuned for future events and opportunities to explore the transformative power of Preksha Meditation.

The Preksha Meditation Workshop stands as a testament to the collective commitment to personal growth and holistic well-being. With gratitude to all participants and facilitators, we embark on the next phase of our journey with renewed inspiration and dedication to inner harmony.

Pratiti Dugad