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Past Activities

In an effort to pratically teach the values that are being taught in the class Science of Living, Gyanshala kids
Samani Chaitanya Pragyaji and Samani Dr. Him Pragya ji visiting from Miami conducted very practical Preksha Meditation workshop on Leshya
Dec 31, 2016 marked the successful conclusion of the first year of JVBNJ Online Classroom that was launched under the
The word Preksha is derived from the root iksha, which means 'to see'. When the prefix ‘Pra is added, it
JVBNA Gyan-Sabha comprises Adult Swadhyay Sessions that are conducted weekly or bi-weekly by Samanijis and by members/guest under Samanijis’ guidance.
Through the instruction of Jainism and Science of Living, JVBNA Gyanshala strives to impart to its students, life skills for
Enabling the development of the right character in our youth (teens) is an integral part of JVB-NJ’s mission.  This is
Online Classroom is a structured platform to refine the knowledge of Jainism, its philosophy and principles. Jainism 101 is conducted by disciples of
Pakshik Pratikraman is held at the JVBNA center every Pakkhi (14-15 days) at 7:30 PM. Please call for dates. Samayik is held every Saturday