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Past Activities

JVBNA NJ hosted a speech contest for our "toasties" - our talented young Gyanshala graduates on April 21st, 2024. The contest
JVBNA NJ participated in Preksha Meditation Workshop - Health's Gateway: Keys in your Hand -  led by Samani Kamal Pragyaji and Samani
In December, we concluded a series of spiritually enriching Swadhyay sessions, gracefully led by Samani Kamal Pragyaji and Samani Karuna
JVB Orlando, London, Houston, New Jersey & Anuvrat Vishva Bharati Society- India organized a series of lecture on Applied Anuvrat on
JVBNA NJ series of Community Activities & Fun Events conducted on May13th, was an fun filled Outdoor Group Walk//Hike event. JVB members  gathered
On Sunday February 19, 2023; Samani Dr. Chaitanya Pragyaji and Samani Dr. Him Pragyaji visiting from Miami conducted a very
JVB Toasties exhibited their talent by participating in Speech contest at JVBNA CPPM in front of valued audience.  Participants exhibited their knowledge