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Past Activities

JVBNA NJ participated in Preksha Meditation Workshop - Health's Gateway: Keys in your Hand -  led by Samani Kamal Pragyaji and Samani
In December, we concluded a series of spiritually enriching Swadhyay sessions, gracefully led by Samani Kamal Pragyaji and Samani Karuna
JVB Orlando, London, Houston, New Jersey & Anuvrat Vishva Bharati Society- India organized a series of lecture on Applied Anuvrat on
JVBNA NJ series of Community Activities & Fun Events conducted on May13th, was an fun filled Outdoor Group Walk//Hike event. JVB members  gathered
On Sunday February 19, 2023; Samani Dr. Chaitanya Pragyaji and Samani Dr. Him Pragyaji visiting from Miami conducted a very
JVB Toasties exhibited their talent by participating in Speech contest at JVBNA CPPM in front of valued audience.  Participants exhibited their knowledge
On Sunday April 30, JVBNA memebers had the privilege to witness & communicate with Samani Kamal Pragyaji & Samani Karuna
JVBNA NJ members participated in the Agam Arpan Yojana Initiative launched in March 2023 by JVB Ladnun on the occasion of the