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Archive for June, 2024

Toastmaster Speech Contest

JVBNA NJ hosted a speech contest for our “toasties” – our talented young Gyanshala graduates on April 21st, 2024. The contest was a resounding success, showcasing the transformation of our young participants from shy and timid to confident and articulate speakers. Prepared Speech Contest Each participant delivered a 7-minute prepared speech

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Awakening with Preksha Meditation Workshop – April 20th, 2024

JVBNA New Jersey witnessed a Preksha Meditation workshop conducted & guided by Samani Samatva Pragyaji & Samani Abhay Pragyaji on Saturday April 20, 2024. “Transformative Preksha Meditation Workshop Draws Enthusiastic Participation” In a harmonious blend of virtual and in-person engagement, the recent Preksha Meditation Workshop witnessed a remarkable turnout, with

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Holi Milan – March 23rd, 2024

JVBNA NJ hosted a vibrant and enriching Holi Milan event on Saturday, March 23, under the esteemed guidance of Samani Samatva Pragyaji and Samani Abhay Pragyaji at the JVBNA CPPM. The festivities commenced with a sacred invocation as the revered Samanijis chanted the Namaskar Mahamantra, setting a serene tone for

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Samaniji’s Swagat Samaroh February 24th, 2024

JVBNA NJ organized a warm Swaagat Samaroh to extend a heartfelt welcome to Samani Samatva Pragyaji and Samani Abhay Pragyaji on Saturday, February 24, at the JVBNA CPPM. Samani Samatva Pragyaji, initiated as a Jain Samani under the guidance of Acharyashri Mahashramanji in June 2023, hails from Behrampur, West Bengal,

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