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Holi Milan – Mar 22, 2014

Holi Milan was a festive occasion celebrated among many JVBNA families on March 22nd at Six Mile Run Church, Franklin Park. The program was started with the blessings of Samaniji Sanmati Pragyaji and Samaniji Jayant Pragyaji with the chanting of Namokar Mantra.The program was entertaining with the help of Gyanshala students and bhajans given by adults and kids alike. Master of ceremonies, Sonya Doshi and Prachi Shah made it more entertaining with their hilarious anecdotes.

Several performances by adults and children made Holi Milan memorable and enjoyable such as melodious song performed by Shilpa Bhansali and classical singing by Siddhi Bhansali and Shreen Bhansali. Along with singing, there were also performances such as dance like “Meine Kaha Phoolon Se”, “Kesariya Kesariya”, and “Prem se Humko Jeenedo” where children were dressed as animals of the jungle, and skit ‘Aadha ser Rabdi’ performed by Gyanshala students. Also wonderful bhajans about Holi were performed by Sunil Bothra, Kamal Daga, Sushma Sodhia and Shilpi Daga.

President of JVBNA, Madhumita Sacheti gave a heartwarming welcome speech along with an introduction of several honorary guests such as Shri. Harshad Shah,Shri.Jigar Shah, and Mr. Framroze Patel. Shri Upendra Chivukula paid a surprise visit to the function and gave a rousing speech about the importance of being involved and supporting the community.

There were several speeches by the executive committee members of JVBNA as well. Mrs. Sumitra Kankariya, JVBNA vice president, gave a short speech about the memberships and donation categories. There was also a presentation by Yogesh Jain, JVBNA secretary about the launch of the new JVBNA website. He explained the new and updated website will have more information about JVBNA’s activities, newsletter, and it’s more interactive. Family camp information was provided and the new members were welcomed.

Samani Sanmati Pragyaji and Samani Jayant Pragyaji’s pravachan,”Holi Ke Rango Mein Apni Pehchan”, was combination of riddles, and competition, getting the audience involved in the theme of fun and laughter on the occasion of Holi. Mangal Path marked the end of the program, which was followed by the delicious dinner, which makes a wonderful ending to the diverse cultural show. Holi Milan was a harmonious collective effort of all the JVB committee members, their teams and all the volunteers. It wouldn’t have been a successful events without these dedicated volunteers. Hearty congratulations to all volunteers for an excellent teamwork thus creating an enjoyable and festive event.

madhumita sacheti