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Under Samanijis’ guidance, JVBNA offers weekly sessions, special workshops, camps and seminars on Jain principles and philosophy; Preksha meditation and yoga. Preksha Meditation promotes introspection and self-discipline, and leads to spiritual enlightenment. Yoga for general health and special conditions promotes physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

JVBNA places special emphasis on guiding children through the Jain way of life. We offer weekly JVB Gyanshala for children, where, through the instruction of Jain Philosophy and Science of Living, students learn life values and skills for physical, mental and emotional health, a peaceful life, and spiritual bliss. We also offer JVB Gyan-Sabha – Swadhyay sessions for adults. We also celebrate Jain and Indian festivals. This fosters a sense of community.

Ongoing Activities

  • Swadhyay
  • Science of Living
    • Preksha Meditation
    • Yoga
    • Pranayam
  • Gyanshala & Youth Toastmasters
    • Dates: February 18, March 3, 17, 31, April 7, 21, May 5, May 19
  • Community Service
  • Community Engagement Series

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All sessions can be attended via Zoom, or watched via JVBNA Youtube Channel
Zoom Meeting ID: 650 899 666