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Archive for September, 2014

Samanijis lead Prayer at NJ Assembly – Sep 29, 2014

Samani Bhavitpragyaji and Samani Sanghpragyaji were invited to the NJ Assembly to lead a prayer session on Monday Sept 29, 2014. JVBNA President Madhumita Sacheti delivered the introduction. Samanijis discussed the meaning and benefits of Navkar Mantra and Mangal Bhavana, as they recited these prayers in front of the NJ

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Kshamapana Diwas – Sep 13, 2014

JVBNA celebrated Kshamapana and Bhikshu Jaap Diwas on September 13, 2014 under the guidance of Samani Bhavitpragyaji and Samani Sanghpragyaji. The master of ceremony, Deepa Jain graciously announced the commencement of the program with Navkar Mantra by Samanijis, followed by Bhikshu Swami Jaap. Samani Sanghpragyaji spoke about the life of

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Blood Drive

JVBNA conducted its first blood donation drive on Saturday, September 6, 2014. The drive was conducted in collaboration with American Red Cross at the JVBNA Center in Iselin. This initiative was part of a India wide mega blood drive conducted by ABTYP with the blessings of Acharyashri Mahashraman. All three US centers

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