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Holi Milan – March 23rd, 2024

JVBNA NJ hosted a vibrant and enriching Holi Milan event on Saturday, March 23, under the esteemed guidance of Samani Samatva Pragyaji and Samani Abhay Pragyaji at the JVBNA CPPM.

The festivities commenced with a sacred invocation as the revered Samanijis chanted the Namaskar Mahamantra, setting a serene tone for the gathering. The audience was captivated by the cultural richness showcased through the children’s mesmerizing Kathputli Dance, a beautiful reflection of India’s heritage, alongside a thought-provoking Holi Day Mime emphasizing safety during the festivities, and an entertaining Hasya Kavi Sammelan. The celebration was further elevated by the Khushali group’s collective rendition of a musical Holi composition by the Samanijis.

In an engaging interactive session, the Samanijis guided attendees to explore their individual leshyas, leading them through a serene Namokar Mantra color meditation experience. Their enlightening lecture, titled “Kaun Se Rangon Mein Jee Rahen Hain Aap”, shed light on the importance of recognizing and harmonizing our inner emotions for soul enrichment. Accompanied by a poignant musical rendition echoing the same sentiment, the event left a profound impact on all attendees.

With a strong turnout and positive reception, the event successfully brought together the community in celebration and reflection.

Pratiti Dugad