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Annual Spiritual Camp – “Let us Learn to Live”

JVBNA Annual Spiritual Camp “Let us Learn to Live” was conducted from June 13th to 15th at Arsh Vidya, PA. Approximately 110 participants attended the camp. Samanijis – Bhavit Pragyaji, Sanmati Pragyaji, Jayant Pragyaji and Sangh Pragyaji conducted interactive sessions with interesting topics for adults and kids. The topics covered practical tips for daily life based on wisdoms from Aagamik scriptures like Sthanang, Uttaradhyayan, Dasavaikakik sutras, and various other spiritual sources.

Adults got insight into the importance of right attitude, art of living in the present, spiritual way to conduct daily activities and were handed the key to happiness! Kids were fascinated by the sessions that suggested them the art of viewing, innovative ways to improve focus, explore what were their top 10 values and what they wanted to be. The campers fervently woke up early in the morning for Bhaktamar, yoga & meditation. They also learnt various meditation and relaxation techniques throughout the day. It was a fun-filled, completely unplugged, yet charged up weekend for adults and kids alike.

madhumita sacheti