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Welcome to JVBNA New Jersey!
JVBNA РJain Vishwa Bharti of North America, the center for Peace and Preksha Meditation was established in the year 2003, with the blessings of Acharya Mahapragya-ji. Our center is guided by the presence of our learned Samanijis (Jain ascetics) assigned by and under the auspicious guidance of Acharya Mahashraman, the spiritual head of Jain Vishwa Bharati, India. In service to our community, the overarching aims of this center are to inculcate strong personal values and to encourage enlightened thinking that leads to promoting peace and spiritual uplift within all individuals and across the spectrum of humanity without any avaricious motives.


  • Jan 1 – New Year Mangal Path
  • Jan 6 – Parshvanath Jayanti & Mangal Kamana Samaroh
  • Mar 23 – Holi Milan
  • Apr 27 – Path of Ahimsa
  • Jun 8 – Gyanotsav
  • Jun 14-16 – Family Camp
  • Sep 1-8 – Paryushan Mahaparva
  • Sep 14 – Bhikshu Jaap
  • Nov 9 – Mahavir Nirwan Diwas & Diwali Milan


  • Swadhyay
  • Science of Living
    • Preksha Meditation
    • Yoga
    • Pranayam
  • Gyanshala
  • Youth Toastmasters
  • Community Service
  • Community Engagement Series
    • Feb 8 – Paint with Friends

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