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Kshamapana Diwas – Sep 13, 2014

JVBNA celebrated Kshamapana and Bhikshu Jaap Diwas on September 13, 2014 under the guidance of Samani Bhavitpragyaji and Samani Sanghpragyaji. The master of ceremony, Deepa Jain graciously announced the commencement of the program with Navkar Mantra by Samanijis, followed by Bhikshu Swami Jaap. Samani Sanghpragyaji spoke about the life of Swami Bhikshu. Swami Bhikshu had to face many adversities in his life related to food, clothing, and shelter. Acharya Bhikshu’s first shelter was a cremation ground, which is generally the last shelter for an ordinary person. He was not able to procure adequate food and stayed in cramped and haunted places. These adverse conditions did not perturb him as he continued to follow the right path and is now Indra in the fifth devlok. Samani Bhavitpragyaji spoke about the importance of forgiveness in our lives and encouraged the audience to resolve the differences in their lives to attain the highest state of self. Forgiveness is a brave act and a person, who can seek forgiveness, inculcates sahajta, and rijuta in his life.

Samanijis gave away prizes to the winners of Paryushan worksheet – Bhavi Daftary, Tanvi Shah, Gaurav Shah, Hersh Daftary, and Dr. Namrata Shah.

JVBNA treasurer Sudhir ji Jain acknowledged the Annual Contributors for 2014-15, and motivated others to donate towards the mission and activities of JVBNA. Past Chairman of the Board, Surendraji Kankariya introduced our special guest Maestro Kummar Chatterjee, who mesmerized the audience with spiritual Jain Bhajans. The program was followed by Sadharmik Vatsalya.

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