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Youth Forum

Enabling the development of the right character in our youth (teens) is an integral part of JVB-NJ’s mission.  This is achieved by continuous spiritual and ethics-based learning, strengthening of faith by prayers and meditation, and going through the rigor of discipline. Acquiring the right knowledge is the key, reflecting on the same is the way, and manifesting the upright character even in face of the most difficult circumstances is the goal.  We request all the parents to join wholeheartedly in this endeavor.

Jain Youth Forum will meet once a month for 2 hours (usually 3rd Friday of the month). The exact dates and venue are listed in the JVBNA-calendar.

There are four parts to this 2 hours long class. To help the students remove their shoes, winter jackets and to settle down, parents are requested to bring their child (ren) at least 5 minutes before the class.

  1. Prayers & Bhajans: Parents are encouraged to join this session.
  1. Preksha Prayog: Guided by Samaniji(s).  Parents are encouraged to participate. Parents are also requested to not interrupt by entering/leaving the center or the class room during the Dhyan Prayog.
  1. Tirthankar Jeevani: Samaniji will narrate/share stories about the lives of Jain Tirthankaras. This will be followed by open discussion on the moral and spiritual messages from these stories and how it applies to our lives.
  1. Karma Vigyan: The theme for this year is the 8 Karmas. Every session Samaniji will lecture on one Karma. Lecture will be followed by Q&A and discussions.

Preparation and Homework

To get the best out of these sessions it is suggested that the students read up on the Karma and the Thirthankara for the upcoming session and prepare a list of questions to send to Samaniji at least a week before the session. This will help Samaniji tailor the session.

There is no prescribed homework. We recommend that the students produce creative content – essays, poems, drawings based on their learnings and send them to us so we can publish in JVBNA’s newsletter.