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Well-Being Workshop

A Workshop with Samani Shuklapragyaji & Samani Unnatapragyaji

The workshop, with Samanijis, held on March 8, was a very interesting presentation on the overall well being of a human. The program was attended by many families of JVB. Vice president Sumitraji Kankariya welcomed Samanijis on behalf of JVBNA New Jersey.

Samani Unnatapragyaji conducted a very interesting experiment with the participating audiences, who were divided into 5 teams, and had to present a dish using Jain principles and values as its ingredients. The teams were given topics on which they had to present their spiritual dishes. It was a very creative culinary effort by all the teams to bring forth a dish created with the Jain fundamentals, which was then relished by every one.

Samani Shuklapragyaji’s pravachan was very insightful. She discussed about the well being of a human being. Spirituality is all about the practice of some principles to experience a blissful life – positive thoughts, right attitude, awareness of your action, setting goals in life, and setting priorities for self. It is also very important for our overall well being – physical well being, mental well being, financial well being, social well being, and spiritual well being.

She discussed how we need to make our weak week into win week, by being well-organized, innovative, and bringing in new ideas in life and getting rid of our worries, ego, anger and knots in our relationships. We all need to make a call with ourselves to find the purpose of our lives, and engage in self introspection into realizing the potential of the human life. The choice is ours to make the required changes in life to attain the moksha and connect with the divine.

Samani Unnatapragyaji also conducted a parallel session on well-being with the Gyanshala children. This was a very inspiring and interactive session and was very well received by the children.

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