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Paryushan Parva

Paryushan Parva was celebrated during August 30 to September 6, 2016. During that week, under the auspicious presence of Samani Sanmati Pragyaji and Samani Jayant Pragyaji, Pratikraman and Pravachan sessions were held every evening. The theme of the Pravachan series was “Choose a path, but which one?” Samani Jayant Pragyaji spoke on the symptoms of six kinds of Leshyas and inspired shravaks to elevate their souls by moving towards auspicious Leshyas. Samani Sanmati Pragyaji spoke on the sub theme of ways to weaken Kashya and some of the individual topics she touched upon included “Do you feel joy?”, “Mind’s north and south poles”, “Secrets of rising and setting”, “In search of right path”, “When does transformation happen”, “Awaken toward life”, “He drinks nectar” and Kshamapana – Milestone of Mahaparv.

During the morning sessions Samanijis conducted Aloyana Meditation, Uttaradhyayan Sutra Swadhyay, and interactive discussion on 25 Bol. All the sessions were well attended and well received by all attendees. Many members did tapasya including 9 and 8 upavas, belas, telas, athai of ekasans, and upavas. A 4 prahari Paushadh was organized from sunset to sunrise on Samvatsari day. The auspicious week came to an end with samuhik parna at the JVBNA center for Peace & Preksha Meditation, as it has become a tradition from past years.

madhumita sacheti