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Painsathiya Anusthan July 29, 2023

JVBNA organized the powerful Painsathiya Jaap Anusthan under the guidance of Samani Kamalpragyaji & Samani Karunapragyaji on Saturday, July 29 at the CPPM.

Samanijis discussed the attributes and power of Painsathiya Jaap and Yantra and how they bestow peace, bliss, spiritual and material wealth upon those who partake in it. They then led the attendees through the blissful Jaap Snushthan, whereby the attendees created the magical Painsathiya Yantra, a 5×5 grid, where they placed the number of one Tirthankara in each box, charged it with chanting the mantra for that tirthankara, and followed that with the recitation of Painsathiya chhand, a prayer to the twenty-four tirthankaras. The twenty-fifth box was designated for Gautam Swami. The result was the creation of the Painsathiya Yantra, the 5×5 grid whose rows and columns each added up to 65. The Jaap Anusthan was extremely powerful and blissful and was well received by all attendees.

Pratiti Dugad