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New Year Jaap

JVBNA hosted New Year Jaap along with Samanijis’ pravachan, Annual General Meeting, and Executive Committee Oath ceremony on January 1, 2015. Dinesh Jain, master of ceremony, started the program off with new year greetings. Namokar Mantra Jaap and New Year Jaap led by Samanijis followed.

The Annual General Meeting followed. President Madhumita Sacheti spoke about the achievements of JVBNA for 2014. She congratulated individual EC members for their contributions and stressed the importance of team work.

A brief video presentation of the events of 2014 followed. The video was prepared by Ashish Jain. JVBNA treasurer Sudhir Jain presented the financial statements of JVBNA for the year 2014. A Q&A session followed.

Board chairman Pratap ji Jain congratulated EC 2014 for its work in the past year. He also spoke about the latest developments in the new property project.

Thereafter, Samanijis announced the Executive Committee for 2015 and Pratap ji Jain led the oath ceremony of the new EC members of JVBNA for the year 2015.

Mool ji Singhi invited the members of JVBNA for the centennial celebration of Singhi Jain Temple at Sujangarh, Rajasthan to be held from January 31- February 3, 2015. Surendra ji Kankariya recited a short poem written by him to express his mangal kamana for Samanjis’ India trip.

Samanaji started their pravachan with a new year song about a new beginning, hope, and growth for 2015. She explained that we all have five fingers but not one finger is more important than the others. Only when all five fingers work together, they are powerful. She stressed the importance of working with others in order to make any endeavor successful whether it’s at home, work, or JVBNA.

The program was also a send off for both Samaniji who will be in India for a few months. We wish them both a safe and spiritually rejuvenating trip to India and back.

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