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New Year Jaap, AGM, EC Oath – Jan 1, 2016

JVBNA New Jersey celebrated the New Year 2016 at the JVBNA New Center at South Plainfield, under the auspicious guidance of Samani Dr. Satya Pragyaji and Samani Dr. Rohini Pragyaji. Master of the ceremony, Hemant Surana, graciously welcomed the audience and the program was inaugurated with Navkar Mantra and New Year Jaap led by Samanijis. The Jaap was followed by Manglacharan performed in the melodious voice of Madhumita Parmar.

In her speech, Samani Dr. Rohini Pragyaji stated that three powers work behind every success – man power, money power and management power. She added that It was time for all of us to leverage these powers with spiritual activities to keep the platform of this new center active.

The Annual General Meeting began with the remarks of President Madhumita Sacheti, who stated that EC 2015 was one of the luckiest teams in the history of JVBNA because of auspicious inspiration from 10 Samanijis, acquisition of bigger center, a cohesive EC team, and a devoted supportive board. A video created by Ashish Jain highlighting the EC 2015 activities was screened. Treasurer Sudhir Jain presented the 2015 financial statements and a Q&A session followed. Chairman Pratap Jain expressed his gratitude towards Samanijis and the team for their perseverance in acquiring the new property. He also expressed his gratitude towards Acharyashri for blessings of Samanijis throughout the years.

Two videos depicting Acharyashri Mahashraman ‘s blessings and message for the New Year were screened and much appreciated by everyone.

Samani Dr. Satya Pragyaji announced and blessed the EC 2016 team and an oath ceremony followed. President Madhumita Sacheti remarked on JVBNA’s focus on education for 2016 under the initiative and guidance of Samanijis and encouraged everyone to make spiritual education a part of their new year resolution. Shweta Daftary and her Online Classroom team comprising Ashish Jain, Sheetal Daftary, and Deepa Jain introduced the Online Classroom launched on Jan 1. Hansraj Nahata spoke about the restructured Youth Forum under the guidance of Samanijis.

Samani Dr. Satya Pragyaji introduced the existing Board members and announced the induction of three new members to the JVBNA Board. Director Mool Singhi discussed the status of the new center project and encouraged everyone to volunteer for various sub committees to steer the project forward. Director Surendra Kanakariya spoke about the financial needs of the project and appealed to everyone to come forward with their generous contributions.

In her speech, Dr. Samani Satya Pragyaji wished everyone a happy New year and emphasized that New year not only brings new date on the calendar but also new energy and enthusiasm.  She added that New year invigorates every one like a rising sun with manifold plans. She further said that It was a matter of great pride to welcome this New year 2016 in the New Center of New Jersey and that she believed that everyone would realize their spiritual resolution on this occasion and would pray to be endowed with insight of knowledge, wisdom and devotion. The program ended with Mangal Path and blessings for the new year from Samanijis.

Happy New Year!

Please click on the link below for the JVBNA EC 2016 and JVBNA Board Lists

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