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Know Yoga, Know Yourself – A Workshop

JVBNA hosted a special session on yoga and meditation under the guidance of Yogi Omprakash Ji Maharaj on September 10 at the JVBNA CPPM. Yogi Omprakash Ji utilizes the platform of yoga and music as a form of therapy for the ailments in life such as anger, ego, etc. along with his extensive knowledge on Patanjali Sutra in India and worldwide.

The attendees learned the wisdom of the yoga through Patanjali Sutra and the purpose of each pose along with the correct form of music. They also learned that yoga can bring rejuvenation and enlightenment on a daily basis with practice. Yogi Omprakash Ji Maharaj explained the benefits and the positive changes to relieve the stress that we deal with everyday and also give us the tools on how to manage ourselves better.

The event was followed by Q&A and lunch. Virendra Jain was the MC for the event and coordinated the entire program. Ramesh Parmar delivered the vote of thanks.

madhumita sacheti