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Holi Milan

On Sunday, March 14, the families of JVBNA gathered at Six Mile Run Church for the colorful celebrations of Holi under the auspicious presence of  Samani Shuklapragyaji and Samani Unnatapragyaji. The cultural segment that comprised various vibrant performances by the adult singers and the Gyanshala children, started off with a warm welcome by Masters of Ceremonies Shweta Daftary and Sheetal Daftary.

President of JVBNA, Madhumita Sacheti welcomed and thanked Samanijis for their gracious presence in NJ and highlighted their reminder messages such as the pursuit of equanimity in difficult circumstances, the power of positive affirmations, and the importance of balance in life. She compared the white Holi to the most colorful Holi ever as the color white is just a balance of all the colors in the right intensity – a balance that we should strive for in our lives in order to achieve purity and peace. JVBNA Secretary Sonya Doshi welcomed the audience and spoke about the upcoming programs of JVBNA.

Shilpa Bhansali performed a melodious Mangalacharan. JVBNA choir comprising Kamal Daga, Sunil Bothra, Sushma Sodhia, Vandana Nahata, and Shilpi Daga sang Welcome and Holi songs. The younger students of Gyanshala presented skits and dances about the celebration of Holi. The highlight of the evening was the set of skits, written and directed by Samanijis, that brought forward the importance of communication – speaking, listening and understanding – performed by the older students of Gyanshala.

Samani Shuklapragyaji spoke on the themes of balance and communication. She conducted a game of trivia and memory among the audience that was well received. Her pravachan emphasized on the importance of effective listening as opposed to talking – such as why we have two ears and only one mouth. Ineffective communication is one of the main reasons for discord in our lives. We don’t listen wholeheartedly; we only listen half-way and then quickly interrupt the conversation with our ideas or ways. This is the cause of communication breakdown at home, workplace, school, and other places.

Samani Unnatapragyaji gave a speech on the importance of the spiritual colors and how they affect our balance. Each color has a purpose and helps the functioning of one part of the body. She also emphasized on the importance of being in balance that affects our environment and people around us in a more positive way. The Holi Milan celebration was well attended and well received by adults and children alike.

Check out photos of the event here