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Holi Milan – Mar 19, 2015

Holi Milan was a significant event for JVBNA this year, not only because of the significance of the festival itself but also as it was one of the first events to have taken place at our own Center for Peace and Meditation under the auspicious presence of Samani Satya Pragyaji, Samani Shukla Pragyaji, Samani Rohini Pragyaji, and Samani Rohit Pragyaji. The celebration took place on March 19 and JVBNA was very fortunate to have two visiting Samanjiis from FIU, Miami – Samani Shukla Pragyaji and Samani Rohit Pragyaji at the celebration.

Master of the ceremony, Vivek Baid, graciously started the program with Samanjiis’ blessings and Navkar Mantra. The JVB choir comprised of Kamal Daga, Sunil Bothra, Rajiv Jain, Surendra Kankariya, Sumitra Kankariya, Sushma Sodhia, and Shilpa Bhansali, sang Mangalcharan.

President Madhumita Sacheti expressed JVBNA’s gratitude towards all 4 Samanijis to have inspired members through various innovative initiatives over many years thereby aiding in their spiritual growth and wished them well as they get ready to embark on their future spiritual journey.

Gyanshala students performed a dance and two skits highlighting the colors of Navkar Mantra and soul. The wonderful performances were conceptualized and written by Samanijis and were choreographed by Venus Jain, Sonya Doshi, Ankita Jain, Deepali Jain, and Ansh Doshi . The Youth Forum staged an intergalactic conference on colors conceptualized by Samanijis and written by Youth Forum children.Chairman Pratap Jain, spoke about the new center and its benefits for the Jain and non-Jain community. Director Ramesh Parmar explained more in details about the new center and the future plans and appealed to the audience to come forward and contribute their time, talent, and financial resources generously.

The audience was very fortunate to hear from all four Samanijis on the occasion. Samani Satya Pragyaji spoke on the importance of Holi. She said “In this world nothing is devoid of color. We have all colors within. Holi is the festival of entertainment that comes only for a day but we should try to make our everyday colorful by living a life of values.” Samani Shukla Pragyaji discussed how one can bring color into his life by applying three ‘S’ in it.  She inspired people to live a life with Smile, Simplicity, and Serenity. Samani Rohini Pragyaji and Samani Rohit Pragyaji, through a dialogue program, presented the dedication of ancient Jain Shravaks toward spiritual practices. In their presentation, they also appreciated the members of Jain Vishwa Bharati New Jersey and their commitment to take part in various activities to uplift their soul and bring change in their lives. The program ended with Mangal Path.

The second part of the program comprised of an Antakshari Competition, which was conducted by Kavika and Vivek Baid, and enjoyed by all. The Holi program would have been incomplete without playing with colors. Children and adults played with dry colors outside in spite of  cool temperatures. This Holi celebration was one of its kind in JVBNA history and was enjoyed by all.