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Gyanshala Annual Day

Gyanshala Annual Day was held on June 7, 2015 at Franklin Temple in the presence of Samani Vikas Pragyaji and Samani Ratna Pragyaji. The event started with delicious potluck snacks brought in by parents. The program began with Navakaar mantra by Samanjis. Gyanshala coordinator Prachi Shah and co-coordinator Alka Jain were the MCs for the event.

Gyanshala students presented their beautiful projects. This annual project was a means of fund raising towards Nepal earthquake. All the funds collected would be donated to UNICEF towards helping children in anguish by Nepal earthquake.

The youngest group – Sanskar group presented beautifully decorated Jain flag. Gyan group students’ projects were on Jain Tirthsthaan in India, its district, the main idol of bhagwaan and other descriptions. Darshan group students’ projects were an oral presentation of the Jain symbols and how they decorated it without using any edible items. The display of the Jain symbols was creative and colorful. Charitra group students presented an innovative and original Jain narration written by them and exhibited on a trifold.

Gyanshala students received trophies, certificates, and gifts in Jainism, Hindi and Bhaktambar Sutra. Along with the students, Gyanshala teachers were acknowledged for their commitment and support. A few Gyanshala teachers, Ishita Doshi, Anita Jain, and Sheetal Daftary shared their experiences.

The annual program was ended on a wonderful note with Samaniji Vikas Pragyaji’s Pravachan. Her speech was about the materials in our daily lives: for example children used notepad, pencil, toys, etc. and explained how it affects us. For example, the pencil always leaves a mark on the notepad when we use it and even after we erase it, the impression of the pencil on the notepad is still there. She explained it further that we must utilize it to make a good impression on ourselves and others especially the children. The program was concluded with Mangal Path led by Samanijis.

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