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In December, we concluded a series of spiritually enriching Swadhyay sessions, gracefully led by Samani Kamal Pragyaji and Samani Karuna Pragyaji during their New Jersey pravas. Our heartfelt gratitude to both samaniijs.

Each morning commenced with divine Bhaktamar, prayer chants, pranayam, meditation, mangal path, and more, all conducted live daily on Zoom. These sessions served as a beautiful opportunity to recharge our internal batteries, setting the tone for a successful and productive day ahead.

On Tuesday evenings, participants engaged in Quench, a unique quiz experience centered around Jain tattva. This was followed by insightful explanations provided by Samanijis on Wednesdays, fostering a deepened understanding of Jain philosophy. The popularity of this initiative among participants underscored its value in self-assessment and philosophical enrichment.

Wednesday evenings were dedicated to several special question and answer sessions, where Samanijis addressed a wide range of inquiries pertaining to the application of Jain philosophy in daily life, offering practical insights and guidance.

Every Thursday evening, both in-person and on Zoom, participants had the privilege of delving into the Prashna Vyakaran Agam Swadhyay. Here, they immersed themselves in the profound teachings of Agam sutras, gaining a deeper understanding of their significance and experiencing the blissful wisdom of Bhagwan Mahavira. This series followed the Gunasthan Swadhyay conducted earlier in the year, enriching the journey of spiritual growth.

Friday evenings were dedicated to the 21 Dvar Swadhyay, providing participants with a unique opportunity to test and solidify their comprehension of Jain concepts.

Additionally, a special Young Learners Swadhyay series on Friday evenings catered to ages 8 and above, offering them the invaluable opportunity to learn Pratikraman Patis under the nurturing guidance of Samanijis.

Saturday evenings were dedicated to well-attended Samayik sessions, addressing various Swadhyay topics based on attendees’ preferences and interests.

On Sunday afternoons, participants engaged in Nav Tattva Swadhyay and Muni Gajsukumal Vyakhyan, which provided detailed insights into the fundamentals of Jainism and an immersive journey through the inspirational story.

For those who missed the live sessions, recordings of many Swadhyay sessions are available on the JVBNA YouTube channel, ensuring accessibility and continuity of spiritual learning and growth:

Pratiti Dugad