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Diwali Milan, Tulsi Janma Jayanti, JVBI Rajat Jayanti Celebration – Nov 14, 2015

“The festival of Deepawali is associated with light. Restraint is the highest light. The festival that is connected to Shraman Bhagwan Mahavir inspires us to soak up the light of restraint. The path of Samyak Gyan-Darshan-Charitra is the path of light. Gurudev Tulsi’s birth is linked to the Dwitiya after Diwali. Acharya Tulsi breathed this light and toiled relentlessly to spread it to the masses. Jain Vishwa Bharati Institute is likewise striving to disseminate this light through education. Under the auspicious leadership of Acharyashri Mahashrman, the university is celebrating its silver jubilee this year. May the light of education propagated by this university become the root of our conduct. For this to happen, it is essential that we infuse our lives with the light of restraint.”

These were the thoughts expressed by Samani Nirdeshika Dr. Satya Pragyaji at JVB New Jersey on the occasion of Diwali Milan, Tulsi Janma Jayanti, and JVBI Rajat Jayanti celebration on November 14. At this event, Samani Dr. Rohini Pragyaji delivered an introductory speech on Acharyashri Tulsi and the JVBI. Gyanshala children presented a play – Naanam Payassayaram – Knowledge is Light. The play highlighted the importance of the growth of external as well as internal knowledge. The play was directed by Gyanshala Cultural coordinator Venus Jain and her team.

JVBNA Board Chairman Pratap Jain spoke about the outstanding learning opportunities at JVBI and encouraged everyone to get connected and involved with the institute. Director Surendra Kankariya provided updates on the new property being acquired for JVBNA center. Secretary Sonya Doshi outlined the past and upcoming JVBNA programs under Samanijis’ guidance. Treasurer Sudhir Jain thanked all annual contributors who donated during annual Paryushan drive and encouraged everyone to participate in the program.

‘Aarhati Gyan Golakam Spardha’ was a special program that was directed by Samani Rohini Pragyaji. The rules of cricket were replicated in a Jain quiz that amazed and involved everyone. More than 30 participants on stage and everyone in the audience enjoyed this program thoroughly. The commentator for the match was Rakesh Jain and ‘Man of the Match’ was awarded to Sheetal Daftary.

The program began with Navkar Mantra and Diwali Jaap led by Samanijis, followed by Manglacharan by Sushma Sodhia and her team of JVBNA women, who presented a melodious Navkar Geet. The Master of Ceremony was Kavita Kothari.

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