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Chakra Cleansing & Healing Workshop

On November 5th, JVBNA hosted a Chakra Cleansing and Healing workshop led by renowned yogi, Swami Maheshananda Saraswati at the JVBNA CPPM. Swamiji conducted the Nov 5 workshop with focus on the chakra system and its healing properties. He explained how this system can benefit in modern times that are overburdened with responsibilities and stress. He further explained that the system helps us connect with our higher consciousness. The attendees went through practical sessions including yogic exercise and pranayam to energize and open the chakras, yognidra and mantra meditation to channelize the energy of chakras.

The audience enjoyed the workshop tremendously. Swamiji’s articulate and engaging teaching style coupled with his remarkable ability to explain the essence of Yogic Philosophy in a lucid and down-to-earth manner created an effective learning experience for all. Introductions were performed by Madhumita Sacheti, and Ramesh Parmar delivered the Vote of Thanks.

Suresh Jain