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Book Reading & Discussion Club

As a way to encourage Swadhyay, a Book Reading club for adults was initiated on October 30, 2022. This club runs at JVBNA NJ CPPM center parallel to the Gyanshala session every alternate Sundays. This is a wonderful platform where people can meet in an informal setting to read, discuss, understand and debate various topics of a book and thereby share the knowledge of Jainism along with enlightening themselves. First book of the club is the book – “Dharma Hai Utkrisht Mangal” by Acharya Shri Mahashramanji. The book reading club encourages participants to come with an open mind and with an intention to do swadhyay. It is a great way to leave all the worldly worries behind, interact with members of the community, share your views on topics from the book and leave more enlightened.

Further dates and flyers are being circulated regularly on JVBNA NJ WhatsApp groups. The club is open to all and anyone can join at any time.

Pratiti Dugad