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8-Day Upasak Dasha Agam Workshop – Nov/Dec 2014

An 8-Day Upasak Dasha Agam Swadhyay started at JVBNA on Nov 15. Agams are holy Jain scriptures that portray the message of Bhagwan Mahavir. In addition to weekly Agam Swadhyay that is conducted on Thursday evenings, JVBNA offers an annual Agam course, where, students, under the guidance of Samanijis take up and complete one Agam. This year’s Agam is Upasak Dasha. This is the 7th Agam and discusses the lives of ten of the most famed shravaks of Bhagwan Mahavir. These Shravaks led model lives and their stories inspire us to follow in their path. In 8 weekend morning sessions, attendees, under the guidance of Samani Bhavit Pragyaji and Samani Sangh Pragyaji, will complete this Agam. This course is intellectually stimulating, spiritually inspiring, and a great experience for more than 20 attendees.

madhumita sacheti