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Jainism 101- Online Classroom

Dec 31, 2016 marked the successful conclusion of the first year of JVBNJ Online Classroom that was launched under the auspicious guidance of Samanijis. The Online Classroom, a structured platform to refine the knowledge of Jainism, its philosophy and principles, launched its first course – Jainism 101 – on Jan 1, 2016. The course was conducted over a year to cover 4 main segments in 4 quarters – Jeev 101, Ajeev 101, Nav Tattva 101, and Shad Dravya 101 – in a self-study mode using audio-video technology for delivery of weekly lectures. Relevant reference materials were also provided. Participation and understanding was evaluated via periodic quizzes and assignments. The course was coordinated by Online Classroom Coordinator Shweta Daftary and her team and was well received by students.



madhumita sacheti