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Jayant Pragya


Diksha Guru: Acharya Tulsi (1914 – 1997)

Shiksha Guru: Acharya Mahapragya (1920 – 2010)

Present Guru: Acharya Mahashraman

Birth Place:  Gangashahar, Rajasthan, India.

Family Background: More than 15 family members (from mother side) have been initiated as monks or nuns in the Terapanth order.

Academic degrees: Master degree in non-violence and peace research from Jain Vishva Bharati Institute, Ladnun.

Travel: USA, Canada, Japan, Russia, Nepal, Europe and all across India.

Lectures: Different aspects of Jainism, Ahimsa, peaceful life-style and life management through Preksha (Meditation and Yoga) in

Specialization:  studies in the Jain Agams, various other Jain scriptures, deep knowledge of Jain Tatva Gyan, Jain History and therapeutic healing through Preksha, Pranic Healing and Reiki.

Languages: Hindi, Rajasthani, and working knowledge of English, Sanskrit and Ardhmagdhi.

Skills: Good oratory skill and is also a melodious singer. Her interactive, friendly, and convincing presentation on Science of Living (Jeevan Vigyan) and Preksha leaves a lasting impression on her audience. She also teaches

Public works: Attended world peace conference in Vanish, Italy, interviewed on Nepal T.V and radio talk show, addressed press conferences in India and Nepal, organized and participated in various workshops, Preksha Meditation Camps, Jainism lecture series, interfaith programs, prayer at US assemblies and teachers training.

Writings: Articles, Songs, Stories and Poems.