Spiritual Guidance

Our Vision

JVBNA operates under the guidance of visiting Samanijis from Jain Vishwa Bharati, India. In 1980, under the guidance of Acharya Shri Tulsi and Acharya Shri Mahapragya, a special Jain monk status of Samani was established. Samanijis practice Ahimsa (nonviolence), Sanyam (self-restraint), and Anekant (divergent perspectives to see the truth), celibacy, and other Jain monk vows. They are committed to purity and detachment for life. They are permitted to travel outside of India to propagate the message of Bhagwan Mahaveer.

JVBNA is blessed to host Samanijis year round. Our resident Samanijis typically hold advanced (Masters and Ph.D.) degrees in Jainology, Comparative Religion, and Philosophy. They are also well versed with the practical aspects of common life. These monks are experts in the practice of Preksha (yoga and meditation) and other natural health therapies. Their good knowledge of modern science, physiology and human anatomy allows them to present the benefits of Preksha and other natural therapies in a balanced manner. They provide spiritual guidance to Jains and non-Jains alike, and inspire the community to adopt a non-violent way of life.

Our Mission

  • To spread the universal message of Jain philosophy and Jain wisdom to the world
  • To cultivate an atmosphere that nurtures nonviolence, restraint, and divergent perspectives; & thereby leads to spiritual enlightenment for man
  • To create an environment that fosters sustainable co-existence, unity, and social harmony for all mankind