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Whether you are looking to attend one yoga session or adopting the entire nonviolent way of life, you can benefit from our programs. Please stop by any time to be spiritually inspired by our resident Samanijis. Take advantage of our yoga and meditation workshops and camps, or participate in a lively discussion on Jain principles and values; send your children to JVB Gyanshala or encourage them to participate in cultural programs to celebrate Jain festivals; contribute your time to plan and organize JVBNA activities or contribute resources; or just be there.

All JVBNA programs are free and open to all. Those who continue to partake in the various offerings of JVBNA, readily affirm that they have experienced positive transformations in their own lives and the lives of their families. This continues to be possible only through the inspiration and guidance of Samanijis, the dedication of our volunteers, and the contribution of our members and donors. If you believe that JVBNA has added, or can add value to the quality of your life, please consider contributing your time, talent, and resources, towards the mission and activities of JVBNA. Here are ways that you can get involved: