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We are pleased to announce -🔊

  • First Time ever Jain Vishwa Bharti, North America is offering a “Certification course on Karmawad” . 🎖️
  • This course will be conducted in 9 weekly sessions (every Sunday at 10:00am EST starting Jan 31st) focused on Karmawad-and Jain Perspective.
  • This will be an interactive session and we welcome open discussions on a different perspectives.
  • Participants may also submit questions/curiosities/topics you want to cover/explore.

This is a new initiative of its kind and a great opportunity for all of us to commit to ourselves for something that really control our lives.

What you will learn: -🔊

➡️Principle of Karma in Jainism
➡️Types of Karma
➡️Effect of Karma in Life
➡️Methods of Shedding Karma

Course fee : only Your commitment to learn..📖 Registration is mandatory

Registration Link: 


Watch this short video to follow this course -🔊

Piyush Rampuria