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Jaina Convention 2015

JVBNA Participates in Jaina Convention 2015

Four Samanijis along with many members from JVBNA community attended the Jaina convention in Atlanta, Georgia from July 3-5. The days were filled with lectures, workshops, spiritual, and social sessions. Samanijis delivered many lectures including “Live in Nature, Live with Nature Peacefully and Importance of Life – Giving and Receiving is Best Described by External and Internal Relationships” presented by Samani Parimal Pragyaji and Samani Vikas Pragyaji and “Get Your Magnet Right – Thought, Action, & Energy and Enrich your Life by the Practice of Non-Violence” presented by Samani Ratna Pragyaji and Samani Maryada Pragyaji. The lectures were very well received by the attendees. Jain Vishwa Bharati and Jain Vishwa Bharati Institute were awarded Outstanding Services and Education Award by JAINA. The award was accepted by the respected Samanijis.